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Givven is a digital freight forwarding company on a mission to eliminate the complexity, lack of visibility, and unreliability that plagues the international shipping industry today.

As our name suggests, our promise is to deliver double the velocity, double the visibility, and double the value through digitized logistics.

All of these are given before our customers ask for them.


Our mission is to excel in satisfying our customers by providing transparent and timely information, making customer experience our top priority.


We envision establishing a worldwide network of creators, logistics experts, and market leaders bound by trust, innovative technology, and unwavering transparency, all aimed at delivering exceptional service and ensuring cargo safety for our customers.


Givven was founded with the purpose of improving international shipping through transparency, reliability, and connectivity. These core values underpin every decision and action we take.


GIVVEN: Revolutionizing Logistics,
Unifying the World

In every corner of the globe, visionary businesses yearn to transport their groundbreaking products to the customers who truly require them. A herculean challenge lies in the intersection of these ambitions, a challenge that calls for a solution designed for the new age. That's where GIVVEN comes in.


GIVVEN is a pioneering, digital-led logistics company transforming the way businesses ship cargo for the past 2 decades. Our promise? Assured delivery, swift operations, and a commitment to safety. With GIVVEN, everything's provided: transparent rates, reliable timelines, and uncompromising safety assurance. 


GIVVEN isn't merely a logistics company; it's an invitation to join us on an unprecedented journey to a future where logistics is no longer a challenge but a catalyst for global unity.


Our time is here. Let's seize it together with GIVVEN.

Our Domestic Footprint & Impactful Presence

GIVVEN has established a robust presence that spans multiple continents with 100+ agents across the globe to meet our client's service demand across the logistics spectrum: Imports, Exports, Air or Ocean, or combined services.


As we expand our global footprint, we remain committed to delivering the highest quality digital freight forwarding solutions to our clients, wherever they may be.

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